Patient Testimonials

patient-testimonialsWe came to your office years ago on the recommendation of many good friends. Everyone said the same thing: there just was no one else in the same class as Dr. Wilcoxon and his team of professional assistants. After four children in treatment, I can attest to that fact!

Not only have my expectations been surpassed in many ways, but also, most importantly, the children have developed a great appreciation for the caliber of care they received. You created a team effort that inspired my kids to share some responsibility of the outcome of their ortho treatment. The end results have been superb and my youngsters will proudly enjoy their attractive smiles throughout their lives. What a gift!
J.H., Long Island, NY

Recently, I met with an oral surgeon regarding getting my wisdom teeth removed. After he went over the procedure on removing the teeth, he took a look inside my mouth. First thing out of his mouth was, “Wow, your teeth are perfect. Have you had braces?” immediately followed by, “Who was your doctor?”

I was probably too young at the time to understand what you had done for me and for the efforts you put forth. It took quite a bit of planning and two years of appliances, but I am grateful for what you have given me. Thank you for stopping at nothing short of your utmost ability.
N.W., Los Angeles, CA

You guys are too much! First of all, Dr. Wilcoxon checked and double checked, emailed, made phone calls, and went out of his way to make sure everything was PERFECT for my daughter’s surgery. All of the staff was so kind and gentle with her. And then you sent flowers! They were so beautiful and cheerful. Thank you for all you do! We would not have gotten through this so smoothly without all of you.
B.M., Leawood, KS

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